Woman threatens couple with gun

by Scott Shindledecker
| May 6, 2020 1:00 AM

A Bigfork woman pleaded not guilty to threatening a couple with a gun during a recent incident on Cascade Drive.

Deborah LeeAnn Wickham entered her plea Thursday via telephone in front of Flathead County District Judge Dan Wilson.

According to court documents, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an assault taking place near Cascase Drive. A deputy arrived and spoke with the victims, a man and a woman.

They reported Wickham arrived at the residence, found them together and a confrontation began.

They said it was mostly verbal until they told her to leave. Wickham allegedly picked up a loaded gun she found in the kitchen, pointed it at the woman and said “You’re missing with the wrong (expletive).”

The woman said she “rushed” Wickham and, with the help of the man, got the gun away from her. The victims said they were in fear when she allegedly pointed the gun at them.

After Wickham left the home, officers arrived and found a loaded gun where the male victm said they would.

Officers found Wickham later and they believed she had drinking alcohol. Wickham, who is free on bail, faces 20 years in prison. Her next court hearing, which she is not required to attend, will be June 3. She must appear for a pre-trial conference July 15.

Wickham’s bail conditions include not having contact with the victims, but she is permitted to consume alcohol. ■