Bigfork businesses collaborate on new sanitizer

| March 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Two Bigfork businesses have come up with an innovative way to meet the need for hand sanitizer as the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

Whistling Andy Distillery has paired up with The Good Stuff Botanicals to create Top Shelf Sanitizer for the health-care industry, private sector and the public. During this state of emergency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has allowed American distillers to make ethanol to be used as an ingredient in sanitizer, according to a press release from Whistling Andy.

Top Shelf Sanitizer is being produced in accordance with FDA and World Health Organization guidelines at the required 80% alcohol content.

The product will be available in sizes ranging from a personal 1-ounce container to a commercial-size 32-ounce bottle.

“The two companies felt it was necessary to team up, as it is a combination of both of their production companies in order to fill a gap during this state of emergency,” the press release stated.

At this time, Whistling Andy Distillery is allowed to deliver its spirits and mixers along with Good Stuff Botanicals’ Gypsy Cream, designed to repair hands after hand-washing, to residences and the distillery is open for curbside pick-up.

Online Shipping will be available though in the coming weeks.