Flathead County has two active COVID-19 cases

by Kianna Gardner
| June 17, 2020 1:00 AM

As of Monday morning, June 15, Flathead County had two active cases of COVID-19 after going two months without any confirmed positives, according to data from the county’s health department.

The Flathead City-County Health Department announced the first new positive on Saturday, that of a woman over the age of 60. The second new positive, a male aged 70 to 79, was announced Monday morning by the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force.

These two positives, according to the health department’s website, are Flathead County’s only “active cases.” Cumulatively, the area has experienced 39 confirmed cases, and of those, 35 have recovered and two have died.

Statewide, nearly 61,000 individuals have been tested, with about 600 of those testing positive for COVID-19. On Monday morning, the task force’s website was showing the state had 80 active cases, but only seven “active hospitalizations.” Many of the state’s current active cases reside in Gallatin County.

Flathead County has the fifth-most cumulative number of confirmed positives in the state, trailing closely behind Missoula County at 40 and Big Horn County at 47. Yellowstone County has the second highest cumulative case count at 108 and Gallatin County has seen a total of 188 cases, as of Monday morning.

Flathead County Health Officer Hillary Hanson said in a prepared statement last Saturday, “We want to remind Flathead County residents of the presence of COVID-19 in our community. With businesses reopening, it is important that everyone continues to do their part to prevent the spread. We must continue working together to protect our most vulnerable neighbors.”