Thieves snatch up spendy sportscar, firearms

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Wednesday, Nov. 14

— A caretaker of a residence on Echo Lake Road reported the a home had been broken into an a Mercedes was stolen out of the garage. Further inspection revealed firearms were also missing from the residence.

— A caller stated they were trying to retrieve their belongings from a Highway 209 location but the landlord had locked the gate.

— A man opened a savings account with a check for $4,950 that was reportedly fraudulent. He withdrew $500 and later attempted to withdraw $3,000 when the bank realized the check was no good. The bank contacted the man and was advised to call the sheriff’s office if he did not return their call.

— An individual’s mail was stole from a Brosten Road address.

— An escaped black and white hog was reportedly seen running eastbound on the highway.

— A caller who had a temporary restraining order against a male reported the male in question was at their residence. Deputies transported the man in question to the Flathead County Detention Center.

— An individual reported an ongoing issue with their neighbors shooting around 8 p.m. at night. The neighbor in question was advised of the complaint and also told that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

— Peaceful Drive was not so peaceful according to a caller who reported a woman allegedly kicked his vehicle’s window, took his crutches and shattered the window.

— A caller reported someone had possibly smashed the breaker box at their parent’s residence on Hwy. 209. They gave the name of a suspect.

Thursday, Nov. 15

— A male in Great Falls allegedly threatened to kill an individual and their family.

— A caller on Montana Hwy. 35 reported the driver of a white Chevy truck allegedly tried to run them off the road.

— An individual was in the process of moving out of a Highway 209 residence and reported his landlord threatened to shoot the caller if he stepped onto the property. The caller said they had not been served any eviction papers from the landlord. A deputy contacted the landlord who stated that the individual moving out had left the interior destroyed and windows broken out and that none of this property was inside the residence. A deputy responded to the location and found the house in good order with the individual’s belongings inside. The deputy stood by while the tenant retrieved his belongings.

— A victim was notified that a male was being released from jail.

— Four loud booms were heard on Eagle Bend Drive.

Friday, Nov. 16

— Multiple individuals were reportedly trying to get into a vehicle in a local casino parking lot on Hwy. 35. It was unclear whether the individuals owned the vehicle or not. The individuals were arrested on warrants and transported to the Flathead County Detention Center.

— A Ford truck was reportedly all of the road and at one point, went into oncoming tragic before turning into a local sandwich shop on Highway 35.

— An individual on Ferndale Driver reported hearing gunshots right outside their door. The sound was close enough that her ears were ringing. The caller said she had been having some issues with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend who had reportedly loosened her lug nuts. There was also a large party or bonfire in the area that could have been the source of the noise.

Saturday, Nov. 17

— An individual tied a large, white, fluffy dog that had been in the area for a couple of days to their mailbox on Hwy. 35 so in case the owner drove by, they could see it. Dispatch previously received a text message about a lost dog matching the description so dispatch contacted the owner about the dog in question. The dog was returned to the owner.

— A caller reported an alleged drug deal that they believe transpired on Commerce Street between the drive of a silver Dodge and a neighbor. The caller said the subject in the vehicle accepted a package that was white, which they thought might be cocaine or methamphetamine.

— An individual on Sunset Terrace said they debit card had been stolen and used at several locations.

Sunday, Nov. 18

— A caller on Ramsfield Road reported they had an orange tabby cat trapped, which had bitten them earlier in the month. The individual said they wanted to adopt the cat after if it was determined to be healthy, neutered and up-to-date on vaccines.

— An individual on Ferndale Drive reported their daughter’s ex-boyfriend was now threatening a friend of their daughter and that “no one is taking him seriously.” The caller gave the name of the male in question.

— Two to three males and one female on Jewel Basin Court were allegedly yelling at each other and mentioned a gun. A deputy spoke to the caller who stated a female came to his door and accused him of flipping her off as he drove by. A male came over from the same residence as the female so the caller grabbed his shotgun and called 911. A deputy made contact with the female in question who denied involvement in the situation.

Monday, Nov. 19

— An individual reported an AED was stolen from a local religious camp.

— A caller on Shawnee Drive reported receiving a call from a possible computer hacker. The caller was advised to file a complaint with a government agency if it turned out to be a scam.

— A male from Great Falls reportedly threatened an individual on Vista Lane through Facebook Messenger after creating an account for his dog. The reporting party was encouraged to take screen shots of the conservations.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

— A driver reported hitting a deer on Highway 209.

— A passerby pulled a dead deer from Crestview Drive. They also reported a silver BMW and a black convertible near the scene. The caller didn’t talk to them and said they looked “sketchy” because “they look like they drive fast at night.”

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