A tale of two border crises

Europe’s mis-steps should be a cautionary tale for U.S.

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For as long as I can remember, Europe has always had borders from one country to another. That is, until Angela Merkel of Germany decided that Europe needed to become a more multi-cultural continent and since Germany was the dominant economy on the continent, she got her way and Europe became an Open Border Continent. The result wasmillions of non-Europeans flooded into all the cultural centers of Europe and most without the slightest knowledge of the languages or the culture or customs of these host countries.

All the low countries of the Netherlands, including Denmark, Sweden and Norway were over-run with uneducated Muslims and the result was a total disaster. Social economies began to fall apart because of the tremendous load upon the system of non-speaking, uneducated persons, not having any skills in which to support the social system and reaping all the benefits from the system. Today, the vast majority of the countries in Europe and the Baltic nations are now starting to deport these uneducated people back to their native countries, because they will not assimilate into the host culture. Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway and a host of other nations have simply said that they have had enough of this nonsense and these people must leave.

France has a unique problem with Muslims, since most of the northern part of the African coast at one time was a French colony and each individual was given dual citizenship to France. Today, the French government has taken away that privilege since each one of these colonies is now an independent nation. But the problem of assimilation still remains, and enclaves of opposing cultures have created a huge disconnect to the citizens of France.

When politics and emotions are put into practice and plain old common senses is ignored, this is what you get. For the road to hell is sometimes paved with people of the best of intentions.

We here in the United States are now faced with the same problems plague Europe, and unfortunately we have not learned a damn thing from Europe. For we have allowed politicians and emotions to supersede plain old common sense.

It is estimated that we have from 11 million to 22 million people in the United States who do not belong here. Some have overstayed their visas and no attempt has been made to locate them. Some have simply escaped detection at our southern border and faded into the population, and with each decade and each political party over the decades, the problem has continued to grow. Social and economic infrastructures have been destroyed. Medical and educational systems have gone bankrupt by individuals who have limited skills and do not speak the language, and this in turn has placed a tremendous burden on the US. taxpayer.

There are thousands upon thousands of children brought into this country by their parents and thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border and simply vanishing into the interior, and the politicians and the business community are all advocating an emotional response to these “poor, honest and hard-working” masses of humanity that we now have in our country. We the American people have been helpless to stop this onslaught of humanity crossing our southern border and this is due in part to the political system we have in place. We have politicians in bed with the special interests and the business communities across this nation, who spend tremendous amounts of money to keep these politicians in place, because it is to their economic advantage. In return, these politicians reap tremendous amount of wealth by this system and contribute to the cultural and economic downfall of our country.

Recent events that include the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency, have clearly shown to the American people what can happen when we ignore common sense and allow emotions and political interests to cloud our economic and social stability as a nation.

We have a president who is opposed to this very idea that we must all assimilate into one giant melting pot of humanity and that cultures and customs can all be integrated into one happy world community.

With the voting of “Brexit” in England, Europe is now beginning to see for itself what multi-culturalism has done to destroy the social fabric of the continent. People are now demanding a larger voice in their governments and strict immigration policies that require certain attributes that must be applied before entry into a country.

If we are to have a strong nation, then we must adopt strong regulations that must be applied to those coming into our country. We are no longer a nation in search of uneducated labor to help build this nation, for we accomplished that task about mid-20th century. We no longer need families upon families to come to America. We need skilled persons who are willing to assimilate into our American culture and contribute to its economic achievements.

In the next 25 years our nation will be a nation of robotics, a nation where even the simplest of labor intense jobs will be replaced and we are already beginning to see that effect in the agricultural industry. Jobs that were labor intense 10 years ago are now being replaced by machines. The fast-food industry has already adopted this idea of “robotics” and replaced thousands of unskilled individuals in its wake.

We cannot continue to allow the flow of unskilled individuals into this country and become a complete drain on our social system. If we continue this emotional and political trend, then we will wind up as President Trump has reportedly mentioned: One of those s---hole nations that is completely over-run with poverty and corruption.

Jim Garvey is a resident of Kalispell.

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