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White is right for sheriff

Having had the pleasure of meeting Jordan White and hearing him speak on several occasions, I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to elect him as sheriff. As the chief law enforcement officer in Flathead County, the sheriff has the authority and constitutional duty to uphold the Constitution, which includes the power to stop unconstitutional laws from being enforced. Truly, sheriffs stand between citizens and tyranny. I am convinced Jordan White understands the significance of this sworn duty.

In these days of ever increasing threats to our liberties, including enormous threats to our Second Amendment, Jordan White was the only candidate to get an A+ score from the Montana Shooting Sports Association (one other candidate received a C+ while two other received F’s). It is time for us to elect county sheriffs who will defend their citizens from those who seek to strip away our God-given and constitutionally protected rights. Should unconstitutional legislation, gun control or otherwise, come out of Washington, we’ll need a truly constitutional sheriff to stand in the defense of liberty.

The county sheriff is elected by, and of, the people, and is one of our last lines of defense in the preservation of our liberties. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to vote for Jordan White for Flathead County sheriff. I am convinced he is the candidate who will stand in the defense of liberty. —Bethany Curtis, Kalispell

Scott for commissioner

Jay Scott is the right man to lead the Flathead as county commissioner. As a lifelong resident of Northwest Montana, Jay knows the values and heritage of the people he serves.

He has owned and operated three successful businesses with a keen eye for employee management and operational budgets. Jay was a public servant for 14 years as the manager of the fairgrounds and the Northwest Montana Fair. During his tenure, the facilities and the fair itself grew immensely in popularity and attendance. Jay was the newest member to become president of the Rocky Mountain Fair Association demonstrating his exceptional leadership abilities which will serve our county well as commissioner. Jay was instrumental in building a new barn and the Expo building on the fairgrounds without asking for public money. He also negotiated with the state on the Meridian Road expansion and used that money to build the Trade Center. He solicited contracts with the ALERT banquet, Log Jam, Gun Show, wedding show, elk banquet, and RV and outdoor shows, which all use these venues to not only entertain the citizens of Flathead County, but also to increase fairgrounds revenue, thereby reducing the taxpayer burden.

Under his tutelage, the fairgrounds also increased rodeo attendance, 4-H program usage, and improved the safety and security of the premises. Jay brings private sector common sense together with public servitude to help make the Flathead better for everyone. Jay truly is the only conservative candidate running and the only candidate who has publicly pledged to be a full time commissioner. For these reasons Jay Scott should be our next county commissioner. — Kanyon Smith, Whitefish

Rosendale has experience we need in U.S. Senate

If we are going to beat Jon Tester this November, we need a strong conservative candidate fighting to preserve our values in the U.S. Senate. Matt Rosendale is the absolute right choice.

He brings tremendous experience from serving in the Montana Legislature as well as in his current role as the state auditor. There, he cut operating costs by 23 percent. That’s cutting government! Matt will do what he says and will keep his promises. You can count on him to help leaders like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz (who have both endorsed Matt) to cut federal spending and reduce the deficit! —Karen Vergeront, Polson

Brodehl for commissioner

On June 5, I’ll be voting for Randy Brodehl for Flathead County commissioner. This is one of the most important primary votes I’ll take this election cycle since the commissioners play such an vital role in our valley.

The sitting commissioner isn’t getting the job done. Randy is an honest person of integrity and he stands for the conservative principles we need in our government. I’ve watched Randy operate in our state government and in his business and he knows how to make the most of our tax dollars that he is entrusted with.

I believe that he will make good, fair and informed decisions and do the right thing. He believes in protecting our rights. Randy also knows public safety from his over 30 years in the fire protection service of his community.

I would encourage you to learn about the commissioner race and support Randy Brodehl as I do. —Stan Pine, Kalispell

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