Letters published Feb. 11, 2018

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The wall is the wrong priority

Our Congress, in its own financial self-interest, pushed through the big tax cut for our poor, overworked, underpaid millionaires and billionaires, at the cost of cutting back health care and endangering programs for those needing help to feed and care for their families. Now that we have been told to just stop wasting the largess we receive from our generous paychecks, and pay our own bills without any help from government funds, the issue of The Wall comes slithering back.

We hear it being offered as a bargaining chip in the discussion of the Dreamers’ right to remain in the country that has been their homes since they were small children.

Even neglecting the inefficiency of such a structure — there is already a tunnel under the partial wall that exists — it will not be effective enough to pay the cost of building it. Our own internal infrastructure is crumbling from neglect. It seems rebuilding our own bridges and roads would be a better use of tax dollars for everyone ‘s benefit. The funds spent on starting to build — it certainly will not pop up overnight — this Wall are more aimed toward feeding the hatred for others so cherished by our Pretender-in-Chief, than on keeping out unwanted immigrants.

Why not start the New Year with a resolve to build community with those who share our world?

Let’s build a bridge rather than a wall. —Frances Wade, Bigfork

The Russian plan is working ... to sow seeds of doubt

Consider this. The Russians did meddle in our last election and have ever since the cold war. Putin was raised KGB, but it is naive to believe that the Russians ever thought that they could elect and control an American president, not from any party, especially Trump!

With their hair on fire and after a badly botched election with a flawed candidate, Democrats have vowed to oppose Trump at every turn no matter what the effect on the American people. If this pattern of non-cooperation continues, then I predict that no party will ever be able to conduct business again, no matter how many seats they hold…it will be revenge all around. Governing will be impossible.

That, friends, is “the Russian plan” … to cause total disruption in our government and our ability to govern, no matter who is in power or who is president. Pinning the blame on the Russians for Trump’s win played right into their hands as it inflated their power way beyond what it should be. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Feinstein might as well be on the KGB payroll as they have taken the bait and are helping to fulfill the true Russian plan which is “TO CAUSE CHAOS IN OUR GOVERNMENT”!

With the help of damaged political egos, the Russians have injected a killer bacteria into our governing chambers and the alphabet media get an assist. Now we are about to find out that the previous administration actually surveilled and spied on an American presidential candidate! Obama lied to us eloquently … Trump tells us the truth crudely. Which do you prefer? —Thomas L. Hunter, Bozeman and Whitefish

Don’t interfere with Russia investigation

The whole investigation of Russian interference goes way deeper and beyond just Trump’s behavior, beliefs and tweets. This interference attacks all three branches of America’s system of government: the executive, legislative, and judicial.

For any pieces, parts, or people of these branches to interfere with our special counsel’s investigative process is treasonous. And now that the word “treason” has been brought “front and center” by our president the other day, let’s seriously and honestly consider America’s present danger.

The “will of the people” is without a doubt our most powerful control over all three branches of our government. It just takes time, but time can be the most empowering and dynamic ultimate healer.

It seems to me, that as I listen and watch our media report and pontificate, 2018 is going to be a pivotal year. Either we, as a nation, move to bring our people and parties together in preserving our democracy, or we tear apart essential aspects bit-by-bit and fall under the “pandering to Putin” philosophy leading to chaos and confusion.

America builds upon our past achievements and mistakes. We need to honor our past, not fall victim to personal attacks and divisive attitudes. In Donald Trump’s “State of the Union” address, every single thing he took personal credit for on the economy, employment, wages, and positive momentum was the continuation of corrective policies and programs put in place by previous administrations. Keep it going, Donald!

And, lastly: Winston Churchill, a man our POTUS should read and internalize, said this about diplomacy, that essential skill for a leader to possess in avoiding catastrophic conflicts. “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.” —Bob McClellan, Polson

A solution for school shootings?

As I write this, there have been 11 school shootings since the first of the year, i.e., almost one every other day, but Congress has been mute on doing anything to prevent such tragedies. If you look at a graph of mass shootings in America vs. the rest of the world, we’re such an outlier, it would be comical, if the situation weren’t so tragic.

I have a suggestion: Provide Congress with the same level of security that our children get at school. I suspect we would then see some prompt action on gun control. —George McLean, Kalispell

Start bottling!

Don’t you just love the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution? Private property doesn’t belong to the useful idiots after all! Start bottling! —James Lester, Kalispell

Mountain lion should not have been shot

This letter is in reference to the Jan. 18 photo of the mountain lion killed by the Marion hunter.

Why as a society do we think it’s OK to stop the beating heart of a mountain lion for the fun of it? And how fair was it to use dogs to tree the cat so it could be shot

What is the purpose of the killing?

These animals don’t need to be managed. They do just fine without human intervention. These majestic creatures all deserve to live their full lives. At 156 pounds, it was probably a healthy, active cat that was causing no harm. How many people in Montana have actually seen a mountain lion?

That photo of the dead cat was nothing but heartbreaking. —Charlotte Heldstab, Whitefish

Save buildings with your own money

Regarding the letter from Ms. La Sorte admonishing Mr. Ruis for tearing down the Frank Lloyd Wright building in Whitefish: I didn’t see the indignant Ms. La Sorte offering any of HER money to save it. I also wonder why the attorneys who sold the building to Mr. Ruis aren’t catching any flak. They sold to a well-known DEVELOPER. What did they expect? —Colin Johnson, Kalispell

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