Letters published on Nov. 12, 2017

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Who really needs to be investigated?

In today’s news we see Republicans and Democrats worlds apart on how to run this country.

As I see it, the Democrats have had eight years to have Obama apologize to the world for past USA politics. Yup, the rest of the world takes our money and laughs at everyone here! Yes, even the people who agreed with Obama! Let,s ask if they need another black plane loaded in the middle of the night loaded with CASH to buy nuclear weapons from Russia? Oops, the Clintons were paid over $10 million to let Russia have our uranium! Really that was a bribe to buy favors once Hillary was president!

So who really should we investigate about Russian favors? If 80 percent of the Clinton Foundation is for their own use and not for its stated purpose, then who should investigated for that? Ask Bernie how he feels about the Clinton’s sabotaging his run for president. Ask the 35 women who came forward about Bill. I also see reports about 35 close Clinton associates being murdered, hanged, suicide, etc., so ask yourselves if you have had that many people you were in business with die?

Yes I agree that when confronted by the government we all should hammer our electronic devices so they can not see what we were doing. Check Hillary’s past as a lawyer and see who she represented!

People, stop drinking the Kool-Aid! If Hillary avoided Benghazi and falsely blamed a movie for that, how would she do with North Korea? Floods? Hurricanes? Those of you too lazy to work and want the government to take care of you, ask the Native or Alaskan Americans how well that is working for them.

I am waiting for people like Robert DeNiro, Cher, etc., to get out of America as they stated, but once again Democrats talk big and never deliver as promised. They should get booted out and made to leave anything American behind to charity, like American dollars! We were a proud country, but what happened? Accept America or get out!

Don’t come and receive benefits while here! My grandchildren cannot live in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” when we borrow money that can never be repaid only to give it to illegally entered immigrants and countries that do not respect and appreciate the help we so freely give them! Republicans, stop laughing as you are just as despicable! Voters elect people to run an efficient and safe country! What has happened? Is it too late to change? When our economy fails and we are taken over by people who have entered in a “Trojan Horse,” are you ready for the hostility that will run rampant destroying America forever?

By the way, why do we not have a balanced budget? Or a 10 percent federal tax for everyone? Medical coverage put back on the people? Oops, they were on vacation! Get the picture? —Ron Albrecht, Kalispell

U.S. press has taken on advocacy role

American press has moved from a reporting model to an advocacy mode. According to the Society of Professional Journalists, there are five core principals of journalism:

First, seek the truth and report it. Journalists cannot always guarantee “truth” but getting the facts right is a cardinal principle of journalism.

Second, act independently. Journalists should not act formally or informally on behalf of special interests political, corporate or cultural. All bias a journalist might have should be declared to their editor and to the public they proport to serve.

The third deals with fairness and impartiality. This means looking at both sides of a story, and while the journalist is under no obligation to present every side, the ethical standards ask that the story presentation is balanced, and context be provided.

Fourth is accountability and transparency. This is the ability of each journalist to hold him or herself accountable and to take responsibility for their work. Encouraging civil dialogue, acknowledging mistakes and exposing unethical conduct of others when noted.

The last and perhaps most critical is the ethical imperative of humanity, the ethical responsibility to do no harm. To be aware of the impact of their words and images on the lives of others.

Have these standards been maintained or have they shifted under advocacy?

What role is the media is seeking to play? Increasingly states and municipalities have been burdened with the manpower requirements and cost associated with managing and controlling the damage to people, places and things in their locations.

Advocacy journalism has dramatically shifted its adherence to ethical standards and in doing so has created social, legal and cultural costs to communities and this nation.

We seem to have lost journalism in much the same way we have lost real education, particularly at the college level. It makes me sad. —Julieanna Renner, Bigfork

Boycott NFL till players respect flag, anthem

Enough is enough. If the NFL, the owners and the players (at least some of them) want to disrespect OUR FLAG and OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, I would like to add my voice to those who are encouraging ALL conservatives, military, first responders and any other Americans who are proud of our country to boycott all NFL games.

Don’t go to them, don’t watch them and don’t buy their overpriced junk for which the NFL, the owners and the players suck up your money while disrespecting you and your country.

I don’t agree with a lot of Trump’s behavior, but on this one he is spot on. The only thing owners like the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft or the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell care about is the almighty dollar. Kraft’s statement that his players are, “intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about their community ...” may be accurate for some but certainly not for many who behave badly on and off the field. And for Goodell to pretend he cares about the players when he has ignored the ravages of brain injury from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy until it was crammed down his throat is a joke.

All he and the owners care about is the money. If a boycott of football TV broadcasts hurts the bottom line, watch how fast the owners and Goodell change their tune. As for me, I never cared much for watching NFL games before this dust up, but I will not be watching ANY of them until the players start respecting the country that gave these “intelligent, thoughtful” ingrates a chance to make millions of dollars playing a game that we used to play for fun. Instead I will cheer on my college favorites ... Go Buckeyes ... at least until they start the same disrespectful behavior. —P. David Myerowitz, Columbia Falls

Thanks for election support

Re: Whitefish Municipal Court judge election.

First, a big shout-out to my family, friends and supporters in this wonderful community! I am truly honored by the trust the citizens of Whitefish have placed in me, and I pledge to carry on the legacy of the Municipal Court that Judge Johnson has so judiciously maintained. I respect the legal ability of my opponent and look forward to working with her as the city prosecutor.

Thank you, Whitefish! —William Hileman Jr., Whitefish

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