Are you kitten me? Tiger on the loose

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There were two phone calls to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office reporting a rumor of a Bengal tiger on the loose in the Bigfork area. There were no reported sightings, but one person believed it may have been someone’s pet.

A man called to report that someone shooting at gophers was also shooting toward his property. When the man confronted the shooter, he began cursing at him. When a deputy spoke with the neighbor, he said they had just returned from out of state and weren’t shooting at gophers. Another call revealed that an employee of the neighbor was the shooter. When the deputy looked for him, he didn’t find him. The deputy then spoke with the person who reported the shooting, and he made remarks about “shooting back.” The man was told not to shoot back.

Someone called to report that his neighbor’s trees fell over his fence. He wanted to know if he could cut them off his fence. He was advised to stay on his property and not cut anything that wasn’t on it.

A person called to report several strange people loitering in a parking lot. One individual was apparently in a dumpster and another was near the back door looking for a ride. The person was concerned for the safety of other employees and wanted them to move along. A deputy said law enforcement would be on the lookout for them.

Someone called to report that people in a RV park had a pet goat when the paperwork “clearly states” they can’t have a goat.

A man called to report his home had been broken into and someone had laid his guns out of their cases. None of them were missing.

A person called to report a dog that keeps charging him when he jogs past. The person was also concerned that the dog’s owner threatened to beat him up after the dog was pepper sprayed.

Someone called to report being awoken by the sound of loud music and motorcycles spinning their back tires at an area business. The person also reported that people might have been driving drunk. A deputy didn’t see anyone there after arriving. He attempted to speak with the bartender.

While chocolate Labradors aren’t known as herding dogs, one young canine was going out with the cows in the morning. The dog was taken to the animal shelter.

A man called to report someone had entered his residence through an open door and allegedly took some beer and $20. He was asleep at the time.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report leaving his wallet in the bathroom stall. When he returned a few minutes later, the wallet was gone.

Someone called to report that she wanted to have a man whom she was dating off and on removed from her residence. He allegedly was yelling, banging on the window and trying to kick in the door. He apparently said he was going to call police. It was later reported that he would be staying on the couch for now.

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