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Last week, one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees ever nominated to the bench, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Other than sending our sons and daughters to war, confirming a Supreme Court justice is the most consequential vote I will take as a United States senator. For Montana, and the rest of the nation, the impacts of this decision will last forever — because while laws come and go, judges serve for a lifetime. That’s why it’s critical we confirm the right person to serve on our nation’s highest court.

Montanans overwhelmingly want a Supreme Court justice with impeccable academic credentials, someone who does not legislate from the bench, but upholds the rule of law and who follows the Constitution. Judge Kavanaugh is without a doubt that person.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Judge Kavanaugh in my office. I can say with full confidence, Judge Kavanaugh should be — and is ready to be — our next Supreme Court justice.

You may hear from the other side that he is a “radical” or “out of the mainstream.” We’ve seen Democratic senators put politics over people and voice opposition to President Trump’s nominee simply because they oppose anything and everything our president does for our country.

We’ve even seen Democratic senators refuse to meet with Judge Kavanaugh and from the get-go spread a misinformation campaign despite Judge Kavanaugh’s proven qualifications. This has done nothing to benefit our nation, and the inaccurate, partisan rhetoric being peddled by objectors must stop. The fact is, the Supreme Court has adopted Judge Kavanaugh’s reasoning more than a dozen times. This gives him one of the most impressive records of any federal appellate judge and hardly places him outside of the “mainstream.”

During my meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, we had a thoughtful discussion on the founders’ vision and intent when crafting the Constitution. We discussed the separation of powers, the importance of upholding the privacy of our nation’s citizens, and the importance of the Second Amendment.

Judge Kavanaugh understands the impact that unaccountable government agencies can have on Western economies by implementing unlawful, harmful rules and regulations that threaten our way of life. Upholding the law and checking the power of these agencies will allow the United States to not only become energy independent but energy dominant.

Just as he does with his rulings on the court, Judge Kavanaugh did not focus on his personal opinions but rather on the text of the Constitution and the historical understanding required. He is a true judicial conservative. And that is what we need on the bench.

I thank President Trump for nominating such an outstanding jurist. We can’t forget, this marks President Trump’s second time choosing an incredible nominee to serve on the Supreme Court. In April 2017, I had the opportunity to vote for now-Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Having the chance to put two Supreme Court justices on the bench is monumental.

Last week, the nation had a chance to learn firsthand about Judge Kavanaugh and the qualifications he brings to the table. I can’t say enough how important this process is to the future of our country. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to vote for this remarkable nominee. I am confident Judge Kavanaugh will serve well and look forward to casting my vote to confirm him.

Steve Daines, a Bozeman Republican, is the junior senator from Montana.

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