Letters published Dec. 12, 2017

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Appreciated the news article about the Pierces

Thank you, Mary Cloud Taylor, for writing such a wonderful article on Ron and Carol Pierce (“Ron and Carol Pierce reflect on service,” Nov. 19).

After reading it, good memories of Thanksgiving came flooding back of youth meetings at the Little Brown Church during the 1960s. They were our youth pastors, who were great leaders, mentors, and supporters for us girls and our family. Ron was such a comforter to us when our youngest sister, Dee Dee, was killed in a car accident on July 24, 1974. In later years when we had opportunities to meet, they always greeted us as dear friends!

Thank you and to God be the Glory! —Pat Burnham, Columbia Falls, and the rest of the Klempel sisters — Doris Rost, Edith Benson and Naomi Oldfield

Ignorant partisanship

In response to Annie Bukacek’s letter in the Nov. 19 Inter Lake:

She is critical of state Rep. Frank Garner’s voting record. Good heavens! A Republican voted with Democrats. We just cannot tolerate that kind of intelligent, independent free thinking. I have a better suggestion for Ms. Bukacek. We don’t need human brains in the Legislature. Let’s just abolish the Legislature, save a ton of money and substitute Republican and Democratic electronic machines to do the voting, always along party lines, no intelligent decisions required. If you’re going to live in total stupidity and arrogance by insisting that only people of one political party have a brain, God help us and today we really need some help.

Another example. Recently, Donald Trump stated that he would rather have an accused pedophile, candidate Roy Moore from Alabama, elected to the United States Senate, rather than have a Democrat win the election. His lame argument is that Moore said he’s not guilty so he must be innocent vs. the accusations of several lady victims. Who can believe such nonsense?

With that kind of immoral, partisan leadership is it any wonder that our country is so divided. I was pleased and encouraged by Ivanka Trump’s comments when she said that, “There is a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and have no reason to doubt the victims accounts.”. At least someone in the family is honest and has a moral compass.

In this holiday season, I’m very thankful for good people like Frank Garner who will put up with political, partisan nonsense and make intelligent decisions for the good of our citizens and the state of Montana. —Phil Iversen, Kalispell

A solution for forest fires?

Throughout this past season of highly destructive forest fires, I attempted to bring something to the attention of anyone interested in arresting these fires quickly, safely and effectively, to no avail. Local and Missoula broadcast media were not interested; police were not interested and even local fire personnel did not appear interested in developing the machines used overseas that quickly and efficiently put out oil-field fires using just water and air.

To many, this does not seem possible if cost efficiency is to be a key component of fighting devastating fires, but they would be wrong. I believe it would also work on forest fires.

The machine is nicknamed “Big Wind.” It is highly mobile, capable of pumping up to 8,000 gallons of a water a minute and has enormous off-road capabilities. Big Wind has the ability to go to the fire and not only fight it but to put it out quickly. It is a 42-ton tank that uses the exhaust of 2 Mig fighter jet engines to push water at 27,000 pounds of force. Granted, it is a prototype but because the original design is quite effective, it bears examination.

To see for yourself the capabilities of this highly mobile and very powerful fire fighting machine, dubbed the most powerful fire-fighting machine in the world, Google search or YouTube search “Big Wind.”

This machine was used in 1991 to efficiently put out the oil-field fires in Kuwait set by Saddam Hussein and has been in service ever since.

It is quite effective but being Americans, I am confident a similar, more agile, and equally powerful firefighting machine can be built here, quite possibly ending out-of-control forest fires for all time. —Cecil Lee Russell, Kalispell

Thanks to city crew in Kalispell

Recently, we experienced a significant (major) blockage in a line upstream from one of Kalispell’s sewage lift stations. Upon calling city dispatch, it was verified that there were no existing alarms at the lift station. The call itself was treated courteously, seriously, and with competence. In moments, upon Matt Bean’s (our city sewer maintenance supervisor) arrival, units of the crew were called, wheels rolled, the first (of two) pumping trucks appeared in minutes and began pumping. The second truck arrived very shortly thereafter and did the same. No one experienced any backup of sewage into buildings. Most people in the neighborhood likely didn’t even recognize a problem.

Now that you have read this far, a couple of tips are brought forward for consideration by the general public: The top three items that go down your drain that cause the most mechanical headaches (and maintenance) are:

1) Flushable sanitary wipes (which never break up).

2) Paper towels (which don’t fully break up).

3) Grease.

The terms “flushable” and “biodegradable” do not mean these items go through your drain system easily, or well. I saw it with my own eyes.

I write this letter to say Mr. Bean and his crew acted calmly, professionally, and purposefully. You guys made this city crew shine, and I thought it appropriate to offer a word of encouragement to Kalispell’s city servants, and to say thank you. —Larry Seed, KalispeII A&A Heating and A/C

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