Wealth inequity is an invention of the envious

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The Iner Lake published a letter in October titled “Wealth inequity can be changed with tax policy.”

Well, yes it can, if you lower taxes and incentivize workers to save and invest. But not if, as the letter writer suggested, you raise taxes to communist levels of 90 percent, which is a level rooted in mean-spirited envy or total ignorance of how economics work in the real world.

Why would anybody labor or risk investment if 90 percent of his profit will be confiscated to buy the votes of a bunch of layabout mooches who in God’s opinion don’t deserve to eat if they won’t work.

A man wants to start his own business; lets say his name is Sam Walton. He starts with nothing but his understanding of how success is produced, i.e., hard work, education — often self taught, savings, investment, market research and customer service; a new paradigm shift. And this is what he teaches his children and select employees known to be wise. And through diligence he makes a profit to one degree or another in a small town in Arkansas. And his good idea grows like all good ideas do.

Through the years his genius saves his customers billions of dollars on 90 percent of their needs and wants, and he shares his success with all comers through a stock offering that can now be found in every college and retirement fund in the land.

But the envious, the greedy, the whiner and complainer teaches his children none of these first principles because he is ignorant of them, lacking wisdom, curiosity and ambition and thereby dooming his children to mediocrity and servitude to the indolence he himself enjoys at others expense through profit confiscation and political manipulation of morality in good government, i.e., vote buying under the guise of welfare in the name of charity. Then throw in unjust levels of taxation to support the envious and lazy and their Marxist university priesthood of tenured ignoramuses summa cum laude.

However, President Trump, being a wise man, is going to do something that works every time it is tried and save us. He is going to give all of us a giant tax cut that will put to shame all the liberal/progressive/socialist/communists and Obama’s gorilla government deep thinkers. And it will jump-start this economy to a roaring start; even talking about it is raising the GDP and overheating the stock market — watch out, it’s being overpriced.

I especially like the idea of giving little and big corporations and the really rich big tax cuts because they will invest that surplus in new and old businesses to make more money! But it will take more new and old workers to cut the trees, dig the iron, pour the concrete, build the factories, research and design the products, mix the plastic, deliver the product to stores, sell the products and all sorts of things.

And then all those unfortunate and put-upon communists will have to find a way — they should not save and invest — to spend those paychecks on all the goodies being made and sold by those damn rich guys who they want taxed to DEATH! And that money sent to them so they can get a bigger TV for themselves and their fat kids with their TV-fried brains to watch. And Mama a new washer.

Only the ignorant believe raising taxes on anybody, creates wealth.

If and when Mr. Trump levies a tariff on imported goods — especially those goods made by American companies in foreign lands — not only will our companies come back home, but foreign companies will begin manufacturing here so they can compete without paying tariffs. And they will need workers, too. And all this economic activity will increase revenue for our politicians to buy votes with from the lazy, tenured, illegal, and alphabet-soup police-state bureaucrats.

There is no wealth inequity. You reap what you sow. There is just a shortage of wisdom and a surplus of envy, laziness and excuses for failure being reenforced by millionaire politicians.

Adams is a resident of Kalispell.

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